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= General Introduction p.1
= Introduction to Volume One p.7
= Introduction to Volume Two p.15
= Introduction to Volume Three p.21
Paradigm of Medieval Cosmopolitanism : The Case of Erznka/Erzinjān
- Sciences, Society, and Literature in the Thirteenth Century -
= I/ The City of Erzenka and the Isma'ili Connection p.29
- 1. Erzenja/Erzenka and Three Levels of Interaction p.29
- 2. The City of Erzenka and the Isma'ili Channel p.31
- 3. Isma'ilis, Qarmatians, and Rasa'il Ikhwan al Safa p.34
- 4. The Rasa'il : Sources, Objectives and Content p.38
- 5.
The Doctrine of Brotherhood And Organizational Matters
= II/ Secularization of Knowledge and Sciences : an Armenian Summary of Rasa'il Ikhwan al Safa p.47
- 1. Yovhannes Erzengatsi and y of Rasa'il Ikhwan al Safa as Model for his Tackac' Imastasirac Groc Kaleal Bank
(Views from the Writings of Islamic Philosophers)
- 2. Comparative Study of the Views and the Rasa'il p.50
  . a Classification of Sciences p.51
  . b Epistomologic and Logic p.53
  . c Man's Knowledge of Himself in Acordance with his Nature p.54
  . d Physical Sciences and Metaphysics p.56
  . e The Principal of Causality and Theory of Emanation p.57
  . f Cosmology, Astronomy, Astrology - The Analogy between the Man and The World p.60
- 3. The Philosophical Writings of Yovhannes Erznkaci in Light of the Rasa'il p.60
  . a Philosophy and Classification of Sciences p.60
  . b Concept of Man : Constitution ans Status - The Soul and the Body p.61
  . c Man as Soul p.62
  . d The Body and the Relation to the Soul p.63
  . e Theory of Knowledge p.64
  . f Theory of Morals p.64
  . g Social-Political Philosophy p.65
  . h Cosmology and Astronomy p.65
= III/
Project for the Spiritualization and Control of Urban Society : Abbasid Caliph al-Nasir's Fatuwwa Project as Model for the Constitution of the Brotherhood of Erznka
- 1.
Caliph al-Nasir's Fatuwwa Project and the Constitution of the Brotherhood of Erznka
- 2. The Fata, Manuk, Jawanmard, Aqqi/Akhi and Urban Motifs of Manliness p.71
  . a The Ahdath and Fityan in the Near Eastern Cities p.73
  . b The Armenian Manuks and Manktwags p.74
- 3.
Caliph al-Nasr's Futuwwa Reform : Ideology, Strategy and Diffusion in Asia Minor
  . a al-Nasr's Decree p.79
- 4. The Nasiri Futuwwa And Akhism in Seljuk Asia Minor p.81
- 5. The Nasri Model and the Constitution for Brotherhood of Erznka p.84
- 6.
The Constitution Part One : "Definitions and Canons" (Sahman ew Kanonk) and Kitab al-Futuwwa
- 7. Additional Kanons (Krkin Kanonk) Addressed to Manuks and Manktawags p.90
- 8.
The Nasiri Program and Constitutions in the East European Armenian Communities - XIV-XIX Centuries
= IV/
Urbanization of Culture. The Cultural Significance of the Fityan and the Manuks
- 1. The Contrast : The Reform Projects and the Realities of the Urban Society and its Culture p.111
- 2 . The Medieval Urban Artworld p.112
- 3. The Urban Coalitions and the Sects : Marginal Communities and Perspectives p.116
- 4. Konstantin Erznkatci : Two Worlds and Two Natures of Man p.119
  . a The Concept of Love and Christ : Synthethis of Konstandin and the Controversy p.124
- 5.
Yovhannes and Yakob Manktawag : A Dantean Dialogue
- 6. The later Konstandin p.128
The Prophet And Islam in Armenian Literature - Seventh to Fourteenth Centuries: Armenian Conceptualization of Islam through Polemics-Apologetics
= I/ Life and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad p.135  
- 1. Early Life of Prophet - The Migration (al-Hijrah) and the Medinan Period p.135
  . a The Migration or al-Hijrah - Muhammad and Medina p.137
- 2.
The Constitution of Medinah
- 3. The Last Years at Medinah 627/5H - 631/11H p.140
- 4. The Message of Islam p.141
- 5. Formation of the Early Islamic Communauty or Umma p.143
= II/ Islam And Tradition of Arab-Christian Apologetic/Polemical Literature p.145
- 1 .Islam and Muslim Apologetic/Polemical Literature p.145
- 2.
Christian Apologetic/Polemical Traditions East and West - Seventh-Fourteenth Centuries
  . a Circumstances and Contexts p.149
  . b Christian Apologists/Polemicists : Yohanna or John Damascus (d. before 754) p.152
  . c Theodore Abu Qurrah (d. 820), Nonnus of Nisibis - The Genre of Letters and Epistles p.157
- 3. Western Crusaders Perspectives - Eleventh-Thirteenth Centuries p.158
= III/ The Armenian Mahmet/Muhammad p.163
- 1. The Cycle of Mahmet Legends p.163
- 2. The Armenian Mahmet Legends p.166
- 3. Some "Problematiques" of the Armenian Mahmet p.182
= IV/ Grigor and Matt'eos : Texts and Polemical Strategies p.187
- 1. Three Polemical Text in 1390 by Grigor Tatewaci and Matheos Jughayetsi p.187
- 2. The Role of the Late Medieval Monastic Schools in Eastern Armenia p.190
- 3. Mongol Times in Siwnik and Polemical Strategies p.191
- 4. Grigor, Matt'eos and their Work p.193
  . a Heresy in the Triangle of Reason, Social Norms and Religion - The Ner or Antichrist p.195
  . b Matt'eos Jughayetsi - Life and Work p.197- 5. The Texts and Polemical Strategies p.197
  . a Various Responses to the Questions of the Infidels by Mattt'eos - The Seven Questions p.198

. b Grigor, Enddemm Tajkac' (Against the Tadjic) and the Sixteen Fallacies or Molorutiuwns

= The Arguments in Volume One p.223
= The Arguments in Volume Two p.231
= The Arguments in Volume Three p.243
= Bibliography p.249
= Index p.275