3 kemalist reforms ? >> 3 kemalist smoke screens !
  • Mustafa Kemal Ataturk did not take part directly in the massacres of the Genocide of the Armenians of 1915, but he has however
    - entrusted important official stations to former criminals once at power
    - and made voted laws in 1922, 1923 and 1927 prohibiting rescued refugees of 1915 to return home in their country.

    If Mustafa Kemal is presented as "the father of modern Turkey" following the reforms undertaken, it should be known as he as well set up an opaque system of screening the Armenians, Assyrio-Chaldéens and Pontic Greeks Genocides, an organized system of disposed omissions. Indeed,

    - 1 if the Latin alphabet was adopted, it is as to create a screen to posterior Turkish generations so that they cannot be informed about the 1915 exterminations organization,

    - 2 if the Islamic veil and the fez - the Ottoman cover-chief- were prohibited in order that Turks will have a European vestimentary image, it is especially to make stick the image of the massacreurs to the other Eastern peoples of the area who kept the traditional costume (Arabs and Kurds),

    - 3 if there were removal of the Caliphate, the non-said reason of this suppression was intended to avoid that an autonomous Caliph, impregnated by the tradition of the Book, contrary to the Islam of the Janissaries, can one day condemn the genocide of 1915 solemnly. That was a crime against Humanity and authentic Islam. Indeed, Islam has bee often calumniated by ignorance in the West, to be at the origin of the Armenians Genocide perpetrated by the Young-Turks government of the Ottoman Empire - under pretext that this latter held the Caliphate,