Open Letter To The Mayor of Rome, Mr Walter Veltroni
after the inauguration of a marble sculpture in the Park of Europe
representing a book evoking the quotations of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk,
  • Open Letter to The Mayor of Rome,
    Mr Walter Veltroni
  • Paris November 17 2005,
    Mr Mayor,

    Following the inauguration of a marble sculpture representing a book evoking the quotations of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, in the Park of Europe last 10 November, it is important to recall that if Mustafa Kemal Ataturk did not take part directly in the massacres of the Genocide of the Armenians of 1915, he has however
    - entrusted important official stations to former criminals once at power
    - and made voted laws in 1922, 1923 and 1927 prohibiting rescued refugees of 1915 to return home in their country.

    If Mustafa Kemal is presented as "the father of modern Turkey" following the reforms undertaken, it should be known as he as well set up an opaque system of screening the Armenians, Assyrio-Chaldéens and Pontic Greeks Genocides, an organized system of disposed omissions. Indeed,

    - 1 if the Latin alphabet was adopted, it is as to create a screen to posterior Turkish generations so that they cannot be informed about the 1915 exterminations organization,

    - 2 if the Islamic veil and the fez - the Ottoman cover-chief- were prohibited inorder that Turks will have a European vestimentary image, it is especially to make stick the image of the massacreurs to the other Eastern peoples of the area who kept the traditional costume (Arabs and Kurds),

    - 3 if there were removal of the Caliphate, the non-said reason of this suppression was intended to avoid that an autonomous Caliph, impregnated by the tradition of the Book, contrary to the Islam of the Janissaries, can one day condemn the genocide of 1915 solemnly. That was a crime against Humanity and authentic Islam. Indeed, Islam has bee often calumniated by ignorance in the West, to be at the origin of the Armenians Genocide perpetrated by the Young-Turks government of the Ottoman Empire - under pretext that this latter held the Caliphate,

    - 4 and finally to want to present these reforms of Kemal Ataturk like having carried out Turkey towards "secularity", it is to occult the fact that Turkey is today a secularist State Moslem which deals with the training of its religious class for better serving its kemalist ideology : a nationalist ideology concreted in Jacobinism using Islam which is thus emptied from its transcendent spirituality.

    Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is the father of Turkish nationalism,
    - by ridiculing the Treaty of Lausanne relating to the minorities,
    - by installing official historical falsifications: Hittites ancestors of the Turks, the Sun-Language which would be at the origin of all the languages of the world and other historical artificial untruths all set up...
    - and finally by building the bases of the official denial of 1915 genocide.
    Ataturk was a dictator, a "Duce" before the hour, with brutality, without gesticulation: he did not hesitate to make exterminate resistance coming from many Kurdish villages. How many tens of thousands, how many hundreds of thousands of "Turks of the mountains" were victims of his repression policy ?

    All descendants of genocides -Armenian or others- cannot remain indifferent to the idea that there will be a sculpture in Rome in the future paying homage to a dictator: a dictator who set up an official structure devoting impunity of genocidary crimes. This impunity of crimes against Humanity will encourage the posterior genocides unfortunately. Such a representation of this "marble book" will be forever a demonstration of a crawling denial, of a perverse revisionism seeking to build a non-existence of a genocide - thus disparaging any fundamental desire of Justice, restructuration and repairs.

    The Armenians scattered all around the world, will not miss denouncing such a historico-cultural imposture. We will inform the various religious or cultural institutions of the Italian capital, the cultural attaches of the foreign embassies, the press, associations of the humans right and so much of others. We will write in English, in Italian or in other languages of the Armenian diaspora. We will inform the delegations and the services of UNESCO of this imposture. It is an imposture of a denialistic State which deceives a city such as prestigious as Rome: for better occulting an ethnic cleaning of native authochthonous populations - as were the Assyrio-Chaldeans, the Armenians and the Pontic Greeks- and how legally the new kemalist regime could profit thereafter from such a former crime.

    We will make copies of our letters to the mayors of the other capitals of the European Union. We will inform the Italian community of France, those of Europe and the whole world: by pointing out the historical and cultural Armenian-Italian relations, so rich relations during centuries... If it is needed, there will be descendants of 1915 survivors who even will support this universal cause in Latin: by addressing to the Deans of Italian Universities or to His Holiness Benedict XVI.

    We also will not fail to write in Arabic: because the Arabs impregnated by the Islam of the Book offered a helping hand to the persecuted dhimmis. Thus the Arabs at the time gave hospitality to the Armenians on the way of the deportation. Contrary to Mustafa Kemal who was a notorious and unrepentant islamophobe, Faysal Ben Ali Emir, of the Hashemite House, Sherif of Mecca and Gardian of the Holy See, did not fail to emit Firmans since 1917. These decrees explicitly required to protect the Armenian refugees whom the Turkish gendarmes drove out towards the desert for better exterminating them.

    Mr Mayor of Rome, this marble sculpture, although it is the creation of an Italian artist of talent, is a false book hiding a thick catalogue of nationalist discriminations. This "book" wants to be a passport, a safe-conduct to the profit of a European profiteering attitude at all costs: even to the cost wanting to retract or minimize a State denial concerning a genocidary crime and its impunity.

    Knowing the Kemalists strategies seeking to put forward a new presentation of Turkey as a "secular", "modern" and "European" country, moved aside Islam is then likely to be once again calumniated by defect of the crime of 1915: an omitted State genocide but planned by an Empire which then held the Caliphate . More especially as such a calumny is constant in not-said comment since the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923. The ideology of Eurocentrisme is indeed officially party to the Turkish denial : by making silence on the abscence of articles in the Treaty of Lausanne relating to the massacres and the deportations organized and carried out by a State - all that being cemented thereafter in a nationalist denial nonin conformity with Islam.

    Mr Mayor, this carved marble book being thus in a park of Rome, is a symbolic representation of Turkish denial and of Eurocentrism, a denial which can only carry shade to the Eternal City. This "book" will unfortunately remain always paradoxical with Islamic-Christian dialogue : a dialogue in the tradition of Islam and the Eastern Churches which have recourse to it willingly, a so essential dialogue for a true universal Peace in the world.
Who still remembers the extermination of the Armenians? Adolf Hitler, 1939. _
There Is No Peace Without Justice And No Justice Without Peace. Martin Luther KING, 1963._
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  • Jean-Claude Kebabdjian, Founder-President of CRDA
    Nil-Vahakn Agopoff, researcher at CRDA.