There is an international German guilt about what happened in WWII. To reduce it, they try to shift this onto the Palestinians. This guilt is not only German but also -in a less level- European. Capitalist Europe had encouraged Hitler in order to stop and to attack communism as the West has encouraged Sadam Hussein to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran.

 Besides this recent historical heritage there is also an older one about Prussian Germany. Prussia since the Middle Ages with the Teutons had a brutal policy of germanizing the slavonic natives of Poland. There was the classical anthropological relation :

[Prussia, colonizing state // Slavonic Polish indegenous people] 
This anthropological structure we find it again with :
[Israel, colonizing state // Palestinian indegenous people]
[USA colonizing state // Red Skins Indians indegenous people]

and as Armenians we know it was the same with us :
[Young Turks Ottoman Empire colonizing state // Armenian indegenous people]

and nowadays it is about the same with Kurds :
[Turkey colonizing state // Kurdish indegenous people] 
Would it be for the Middle East or the 1915 cases or anay of the other ones, it is not a religious matter but an anthropological one. Politic or religious arguments concern the visible part of the iceberg and even I would say, are at the level of the snow which covers the top of the iceberg. To end, there is the matter which concerns and implicates all of us directly : the recognation of 1915 Genocide. There is a visual strategy to inverse the situation unconciously by showing Turkey or the Turks as non-islamic. This strategy takes advantages from the mediatic distortions about Middle East events. I have recently created a page on this and no need to read French in order to understand it :  fr/9genocide1915/b_kemalisme_2habits.htm We can see how Eurocentrism & Kemalism make 1915 Memory shift onto (the expense of) Islam. It is important to unveil the non-said sides of Kemalist reforms.