Shared Memories: Struggles for Authentic American Values

  • "America deserves a leader who speaks truthfully about the Armenian Genocide and responds forcefully to all genocides. I intend to be that President." Barack Obama, January 19, 2008 (*1)


(*3) - - -

(*4) Thus Al-Husayn Ibn 'Ali, Sharif of Mecca ( 1854-1931), Emir of Hejaz -Guardian of the Holy Sites from the Hashemit dynasty and forefather of present king of Jordan- vigorously condemned the massacres and deportations of 1915-1923 as being not at all in accordance to Muslim religion and being against Islam.  -

(*5) Psychoanalyst Hélène Piralian, Paris France: The impossible transmission - To Save Death. To Leave Murder - Unfortunately her recent book has not been yet published in english

(*6) for example, former Representative Robert L Livingston, a Louisiana Republican, has already picked up $12m from the Turks for his company, the Livingston Group (november 2007) :

(*7) In 1923 the former Turkish criminals were retrained and recycled into high position official posts of the kemalist new regime of the Turkish Republic.Taner Akcam, A Shameful Act, Henry Holt & Company 2006 - - -

(*8) if both were not crimes against Humanity ? -

(*9) Tucy Atkinson (Video on her diary read by her daughter 11:30-12:18) :  -  -  -

(*10) born in Paris - whose mother graduated from The American College for Girls of Scutari (Turkey) in 1930 thanks to a scholarship granted by an American lady from Boston.