The Armenian Society of Kaunas District
( Lithuania )

celebrates the 1000 anniversary

of Grigor Narekatsi

Kaunas, le 12 Février 2004

  • Айвазян, К. В. (1966) Первая работа об армянской литературе в Литве. Պատմաբանասիրական հանդես, № 3 . pp. 248-256. La première rédaction sur la littérature arménienne en Lithuanie (vers 1864)
  • Assembly of Armenians of Europe - Brussels
    February 11, 2004 - Press Release Ref: pr/04/02/001
  • On February 12, 2004 a katchkar will be placed in Kaunas, Lithuania, as part of the 1000 anniversary celebrations of Grigor Narekatsi, a prominent Armenian poet and philosopher of Middle Ages. Mr Vahan Arzumanian, the president of the Armenian Society of Kaunas District and a member of the AAE, informed that they had the idea of placing the katchkar since 2002. The organization had applied to the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania, as well as to the Kaunas Municipality asking for financial support which had been granted. Therefore, the project was partially supported by the above mentioned authorities.

  • “The katchkar will be dedicated to Grigor Narekatsi. Narek’s Book of Prayers is already familiar to the Lithuanian society, thanks to its translation into Lithuanian by the Lithuanian poet Sigitas Geda in 1999.The katchkar will symbolize the friendship between the Armenian and Lithuanian peoples”, said Mr. Arzumanian in his conversation with the representative of the Assembly of Armenians of Europe.

  • During his visit to Nagorno Karabakh Mr. Arzumanian met with the sculptor Robert Askaryan and invited him to visit Kaunas and help the Armenian Society of Kaunas District with the realization of the project. Hence, on January 5th 2004 Mr. Askaryan arrived in Kaunas, where he created the katchkar. Arvidas Barysas, the famous Lithuanian producer of documentary films was shooting the process of creation of the katchkar.

  • The Armenian Society of Kaunas District is also planning to make a documentary film about the Armenian katchkars and draw parallels between the Lithuanian and Celtic crosses. “We had the idea of the documentary film after having organized a photo exhibition on Armenian katchkars. The katchkars are not well known in the world. It is particularly important to publicize this valuable cultural heritage since thousands of these khachkars are being barbarically destroyed by Azebaijan and Turkey - as protested, in formal reports, by prominent historians and architects to the UNESCO. We have applied to the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania for financial support, but there is no answer yet. I do hope that there will be Armenian sponsors who will support us with the realization of such an important project”, said Mr. Arzumanian.

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