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Alphabetical List - Rappel historique - in California -

From Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) States List

  • En italique : Representative n'étant ayant pas membre de la Armenian Caucus

  • Alabama : -- Arthur Davis
    California : -- Barbara Lee (1rst Vice Chairwoman), -- Laura Richardson, -- Maxine Waters, -- Diane Watson,

    Florida : -- Corrine Brown, -- Kendrick Meek, -- Alcee Hastings
    Georgia : -- Sanford Bishop, -- Hank Johnson, -- John Lewis, -- David Scott,
    Illinois : -- John Conyers Jr (Dean) -- Danny K. Davis (Secretary), -- Jesse L. Jackson, -- Bobby Rush,
    Indiana : --
    André Carson
    Maryland : -- Elijah Cummings, -- Donna Edwards,
    Michigan : -- John Conyers, -- Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick

    Minnesota :
    -- Keith Ellison
    Mississippi : -- Bennie Thompson
    Missouri : -- William Lacy Clay, -- Emanuel Cleaver (2nd Vice Chairman)
    New Jersey : -- Donald Payne
    New York : -- Yvette Clarke, -- Gregory Meeks, -- Charles Rangel, -- Edolphus Towns
    North Carolina : -- Melvin L. Watt, -- G.K. Butterfield
    Ohio : -- Marcia Fudge
    Pennsylvania : -- Chaka Fattah
    South Carolina : -- James Clyburn
    Texas : -- Sheila Jackson Lee, -- Eddie Bernice Johnson, -- Al Green
    Virgin Islands : -- Donna Christian-Christensen
    Virginia : -- Robert C. Scott
    Washington, D.C. : -- Eleanor Holmes-Norton
    Wisconsin : -- Gwen Moore
  • Condoleeza Rice - Her manipulations - Hurriyet Daily News -
  • In her new memoir, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice brags about twice killing U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide.
    - She boasts of stopping "the dreaded Armenian genocide resolutions" in 1991 and 2007.
    - Adding insult to injury, she piles scorn on "the powerful Armenian American lobby."
    - Not the "ally" that forces a gag-rule on America.
    - Not Ankara's multi-million dollar lobbyists.
    - Not the firms that deny genocide for arms deals.
    She reserves her mockery for us, simply for seeking to honor our dead.
    Rice taking pride in covering-up genocide shows what's wrong with Washington.
    The "powerful" Armenian lobby she attacks is YOU. It's ME.
    It's a handful of staff. A modest budget. A moral cause. And, lots of volunteers.
    Bring about the day when someone in Rice's position would never dare compromise America's standing by so wretchedly playing the genocide card as a political commodity. (ANACA)

    C'est (très) important ce qui est dit et c'est bien analysé. Ainsi, chaque fois qu'un politicien parle de "lobby arménien", il faut lui renvoyer au visage : la myopie / l'inexactitude de ses propos ...ou son manque d'honneté politico-intellectuelle - Génocide arménien au Congrès US : les confessions de Condoleeza Rice

Vidéo de l'intervention à la Chambre des représentants
interpelant la Secrétaire d'Etat Condoleezza Rice

  • Condoleezza Rice : « Les USA ne devraient pas s’impliquer dans le conflit à propos du génocide » 22.03.2007
  • Le représentant Schiff et Mme Rice : génocide arménien 23-03-2007
In response to the Secretary C.Rice interview,
Kevork Kalaydjian, Jr. tells in the letter bellow what all believe should be said
regarding to the Armenian Genocide.
  • Dear Madam Secretary,

    Your comments on Wednesday, March 22, 2007, on the issue of the Armenian Genocide are insulting, racist, and void of any decency.

    According to your remarks the United States should not be involved in a dispute between Turkey and Armenia over whether the killing of up to 1.5 million Armenians almost a century ago constituted genocide.

    Let me just remind you first that the Armenian Genocide is an American human rights issue, not a dispute between two distant countries. Just as slavery is an American human rights issue not a dispute between Nigeria (or any other African state) and Great Britain.

    The present day Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Nagorno Katapagh have little concern about the Armenian Genocide because they are the only provinces of historic Armenia who were able to defend themselves against continuous Turkish aggressions and maintain their independence against the harshest odds. These Republics and the their neighboring Turkish states do have million other issues which have a better chance of being resolved once the United States resolves its genocide issue.

    It is I, and millions of Americans of Armenian decent like me, who lost their ancestral homeland, and found refuge in this great country, it is that were promised to have our homes back by president Woodrow Wilson, it is us who want you to honor our history and our rights as human beings.

    If all Americans adopted your racist attitude about human rights issues probably you would still have been a slave now. After reading your comments I wonder which is worse, the physical enslavement of people, or the enslavement of the mind which leads to the moral prostitution of the American constitution and all the values that it stands for in the hands of this administration.

    Your comments are equally insulting and degrading to Turkish Americans and citizens of Turkey who are working to introduce a true democracy in that country so that it can be integrated in the European Union. True democratic values and traditions are trampled over and destroyed in Turkey buy our desire to accommodate bases to our troops, and airfields for our warplanes.

    Finally, how would you feel if our past secretary of states told Dr. Martin Luther King and all the civil rights advocates "I think that these historical circumstances require a very detailed and sober look from historians and what we've encouraged the 'Slave Traders' and the 'Negroes' to do is to have joint historical commissions that can look at this, to have efforts to examine their past and, in examining their past, to get over their past". I took the liberty to replace Turks and the Armenians with my example, but you can replace with other pairs, such as: Germans and the Jews, Americans and Japanese Americans, Americans and Natives, etc.

    Your choice of words " I come out of academia, but I'm secretary of state now," I suppose is meant to say that you used to be a decent human being when you were in academia, but now that you work for this administration you have to leave moral courage, decency, and common sense behind you.

    May God give you the wisdom to change.


    Kevork K. Kalayjian, Jr.
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