Aperçu historique sur les Arméniens en Palestine
de 1918 à 1923

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de l'historiographie : Nil V. Agopoff _

  • Our grandfather(Hagop Hagopian), grandmother(Anna), your dad(Joseph) in the center, aunt Mariam, my Mom (Takouhi) and the baby is uncle Misag. It must have been taken around 1922-23 since it looks like my mom is about 2-3 years old in this photo

  • The second one is that of grandmother(Anna Hagopian), my mother and uncle Misag. It was taken around 1922.

  • According to Mom, these were taken professionally by Ohan Nazaretian, the famous photographer/Mukhtar!

  • Madeleine Aprahamian November 7 2004 (USA)
Years later, Takouhi Hagopian
became Mrs Kevorkian
and emigrated to the USA

She passed away in April 2006

in San Diego, California.
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