Aperçu historique sur les Arméniens en Palestine
de 1939 à 1947

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de l'historiographie : Nil V. Agopoff _

  • Robert Zakarian (now in Florida) who is in the front row, our cousin Vahe Khatchadourian (now in Sydney) is next to him. Standing in the last row on the right side is Simon's brother Berj Aprahamian who is now in Abu Dhabi and his late brother Gaby( 1997) is the one with glasses. Mom says that the tallest guy in the photo is Murad Muradian (deceased). Hagop Krakerian (now in the US) is standing next to him. I am sure you might be able to recognize a few other scouts.

  • Madeleine Aprahamian, Friday, November 05, 2004

Best estimate is that this photo was taken around 1945-46.
It was probably taken inside the Agoump (AGBU)in the courtyard
Les Arméniens et la Palestine aujourd'hui
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