Aperçu historique sur les Arméniens en Palestine
de 1947 à 1967

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de l'historiographie : Nil V. Agopoff _

Mid 1960s at the church of Nativity in Bethlehem

My late Grandfather Minas Minassian in the background (behind the candle) with his second wife Victoria (teacher at St Tarkmantchatz school at one time) and her son the late Zare Kaplanian (second from the right) who served there at the church. Photo : Ardavazt Minassian (Australia)
Jerusalem December 1959
basement room of Armenian Club
14th Massis Group
center in the back row
Ardo and your brother Minas
Photo: Apkar Apraham Hagopian Collection
Jerusalem 1957

Front row from left to right

Khachig Bedevian (now deceased), Joseph Mirana (now deceased), Khachig Baghsarian, Apkar Apraham Hagopian, Hagop Hovsep Hagopian.
Back row of senior scouts or rover scouts, from left to right
Apraham Mnatsaganian, Tavit Kaplanian, Scout Master Hagop Apraham Hagopian, Garabed Baghsarian, and Ohanness Nigoghossian (recently deceased).
The Jordanian policeman appearing in the doorway at top is Armenian and is one of the two policemen brothers of our Mukhtar (chief of the community) mr. Garabed Hagopian's brothers, Hagop or Yeghia,
Jerusalem Armenian Benevolent Union
Mother Club of J.A.B.U, Ararat street No. 28 - Jerusalem
Rover scout in the 14th Massis Group

Photo: Apkar Apraham Hagopian Collection
Baptême de M. George Minassian
Eglise de Sourb Hagop - Jérusalèm 1951

Familles présentes :
Minassian, Menatsaganian, Muradian, Paghssarian
  • D'habitude, les Kaghakatsis arméniens autochtones, avaient leurs cérémonies religieuses (baptêmes, maraiages, enterrements) à l'Eglise des Saints-Archanges (étant connus aux Palestiniens arméniens comme der-el-Zeitouneh ou le Couvent de l'olivier).

  • Holy Archangels Church and Convent

  • Le couvent de l'olivier > www avec photos à chercher
Jerusalem 1950
  • First person on the left at the table in the foreground is my aunt, Ms. Vartouhi Ekhsigian. I don’t know the next two women, but the fourth from left is my mother, Mrs. Ovsanna Soukiassian. Sitting next to her is my father, Mr. Vahan Soukiassian. I do not know the man on the far right sitting next to my dad. What I like about this photo is all the people in the background.

  • Jessica Paladini October 27 2004
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