• Lately i happen to go to beyrouth and discover after many years of research the tomb of my great great oncle.
    when i was living in france, with my grand parents when we use to listen the french news at 8pm we would see on the tv the war of lebanon , and my grand parents use to say there, we have a familly hero and also a small museum.
    but because of the war maybe all is destroyed.
    they told me when i will and become adult, you should find it, and i find it in december 2003.
    on his tomb is written his history and was a TASHNAG HERO, descendant of MAMIGONIAN,
    from the village of tsueronk.


    he was living in the land of armenia which is now occupied by the turks, he was a landlord as in my familly they use to say that it would take a man to walk from sun rise to sun set until he reach the end of his property.
    it is said that the house where next to a small river where a big water wheel would provide energy to supply the farm.

    every once in a while he use to make horse racing between turks and kurds, and most of the time he use to win because he had a secret, he use to feed the horse with wheat and honey combined.
    when he was racing he use to come next to the turkish or kurdishracer and make him fall his hat. the kurdish would become mad but was a way to keep respect.
    But whenever he use to loose, he would take a sword and cut the horse in two and go without talking to his home.

    because a cousin from usa who become very rich send a fusil , the turkish police wanted to collect the weapon but he refused so he escape in the mountain.
    whenever the turkish police wanted to arrest him, he could shoot them before they could because the range of the weapon was higher than the one of the police.
    they could never catch him and he leanr to survive in the forest.

    in 1915, armenian man started to escape in forest because turkish police where starting the anihilation campaign in the region of moush, so he started to organize the resitence from the mountain, meanwhile in the valley turkish police and kurdish people were deporting people and killing others.

    so after a while he started to be leader of a group of man in the age of fighting numbered as high as 1000 or 10000 people.
    he win many battle always with less soldiers than the army of evil, but after several victory he was taken prisoner and put in jail.
    there in the jail they tortured him and cut his manhood part so that he could not have any more children.
    the turks did know he was a descendant from a special familly from tsueronk, where a legend say that the people from there are the descendant of the people of NOAH'S ARK.

    he manage to escape, and happen to arrive to beyrouth lebanon where he collected armenian orpheans to give them to red cross and relief centers.

    when in the 50's a man came to know the door in lyon where my familly was living, my grandmother open the door, and the man asked how he could thanks this familly, my grandmother anser we have not done anything special to deserve your gratitude, but you not but your oncle MOURAD BEDROSSIAN yes, when i was in lebanon he pick em up and gave to a relief organization and by that they educated me and i become rich so it is my turn to say thank you.

    well my grandmother then said my oldest son needs to go to an armenian school MERDICHIAN (catholique armenian) paris but we can't afford it, so the man reach his pocket and took couple gold coins, and he said this is for your son to learn more.

    then this man left and we never heard about him.
    by the way the oldest son was name mourad to remenber our great oncle so we could not forget him.
    and it happen to be mourad who went to that school.

    the other things is that we should have a familly name as BEDROSSIAN but our name is SARKISSIAN.
    the reason is still unknown at this time.

    1927 death of mourad bedrossian
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