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Dr Nikolay Hovhannisyan

  • Doctor of History, Professor, Honoured Scientist of Armenia
    Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Founder-Director of the Conflict Resolution Center of Armenia, President of Armenian Atlantic Association

  • Member of New York Academy of Sciences, Ararat International Academy of Sciences (Paris), International Academy of Sciences on National Security Problems (Moscow), International Academy of Nature and Society (Germany), Syrian Society of Science, etc.

  • Main fields of Study : Modern History of Arab Countries, International and Regional Relations in the Middle East, Political Islam, Conflictology and Genocide, Foreign Policy of Armenia, etc.

  • In 1969, by invitation of the British Academy carried out research works in the Great Britain : in 1993-93, as a Fulbright fellow worked in the George Washington University, Washington DC, UA, and in 1995 -in Maryland University, USA. He lectured in many universities of the USA, Great-Britain, Germany, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait, UAE, Russia, Hungary, Canada, etc.


  • Author of about 400 research works, including more than 30 monographs, published in different countries among them :
    . Formation of the Syrian Independant Republic
    (Moscow 1968),
    National-Liberation Struggle in Iraq (Yerevan 1975),
    . Irregularities in the Development of Arab Countries and their Consequences 1950-1970
    (Stuttgart 1992),
    . The Persian Gulf War and the Kurdish Problem
    (London 1994),
    . On the Options of the Resolution of the Karabagh Problem
    (London 1994),
    . On the Options of the Resolution of the Karabagh Problem
    , Marcop Polo Magazine, 4/5 (Venice 1998)
    . The Foreign Policy of Armenia (Yerevan 1998, in English)
    . The Armenian Genocide. Armenocide (Yerevan 2002, in English and Istanbul 2005, in Turkish)
    . The Karabagh Problem. The Thorny Road to Freedom and Independence (Yerevan 2004, in English)
    . Le G
    énocide arménien, Yerevan 2005

Some other bibliography

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  • in Russian :
  • in other languages :
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