Douze chefs de tribus syriennes :

hommage et recueillement
à Dzidzernagapert

Sheikhs of Syrian Arab tribes visit Armenia

Photo du journal arménien Marmara (Stanbul)

- "Le nom des Arabes sera inscrit avec des lettres d'or dans l'Histoire des Arméniens" -
  • ... paroles dites par le prélat religieux des refugiés arméniens qui était présent lors de la session historique du 9 Mai 1919 à l'Hotel de Ville de Damas avec l'Emir Faysal.
  • "Documents on British Foreign Policy. 1919-1939". 1rst series, vol IV, London 1952, p271 -cité dans le livre du Dr Nicolay Hovhannisyan, aux pages pp139-140.Chapter XI.

Voyage organisé par la communauté arménienne d'Alep

  • Udey al Ghasi of Al Shumar tribe - Fayez el Ghubein of Al Anaze tribe - Abdel Uahab Isa Suleiman of Bakard el Jabal tribe - Muhammad al Tai bin Abdel Razak of Al Tay tribe's second branch - Hlu el Hlu of Aduan tribe - Hasan Obeid el Khalil of Harp tribe - Abdel Karim Obeid of Harp tribe's second branch - Khalil Abud Zhdghan of Ogeidad tribe and a member of the Syrian parliament - Muhammad Mslad of Chbur tribe and a member of the Syrian parliament

  • Leader of the Tal tribe, Mohamed Elfarif, said the Arabs gave shelter to Armenians who were deported by the Turkish government to the desert and were condemned to death. Commenting that some Armenian girls even married young Arab men, Elfarif said, `Now we have the same blood,' adding that he had heard such stories from his grandparents. He said they wish to see Armenia in its historic borders, and expressed that the viewpoint of the tribes does not differ from the viewpoint of the Arab people as a whole.

  • According to another leader of a Syrian tribe, Noaf Alpashiri, 100 families are currently living in their tribe who are the descendants of Armenians who survived the Turkish massacre.

Photos : Arséne Kalaidjian TV arménienne

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