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(C1) Bibliography, Books, Press And DVDs In Arabic On The Genocide Of 1915

  • Book on Armenian Genocide Published in Lebanon in Arabic
    The Armenian Genocide Commemoration Committee of Lebanon has published Armenian Genocide:
    World Speaks of It by Harut Sasunyan in Arabic (May 2005)

  • Arev's Arabic editor in Cairo is Dr. Mohammad Rifaat Al Imam, who is almost the only academician in Egypt with a Doctorate on Armenian History.
    He has written several books on Armenian subjects, including "The History of the Armenian Community of Egypt" (two volumes), "The Armenian Cause" (from Saint Stephano until the WWI) etc.
    What it has been done is remarkable and it shows what potential there is in the Arabic world.
    - 1995, Nubar Printing House, Cairo : Al-Arman fi Masr [The Armenians in Egypt in the 19th century]
    - 1999, The General Egyptian Book Organization ,Cairo : Taareekh Al-Jalia Al-Armanyia fi Masr [The History of Armenians in Egypt]
    - 2003, Nubar Printing House, Cairo : Al-Arman fi Masr: 1896-1961 [The Armenians in Egypt: 1896-1961]

  • DVD of Lebanon in Arabic on the Armenian Genocide : by Carmen Labaki written by Nidal Ayoub

    . Lebanon 2004 Byblos Bank & LBC International Virgin Megastore

    . Langue parlé: arabe (+armenien) sous titres: francais, anglais, arab

    . Reportage : Greatness and servitude departaions and massacres, mark the destiny of Armenians.

    . The momries of the survivors, the desert, the rivers and the caverns, remember teh atrocities persecutions and separations which pursued the Armenains from Ancient Armenia to Cilicia, to Syria. Political schemes and military strategies planned a disguised extinction of this people. Divine providence (!?) decided otherwise.

    . From Turkey, to Syria, to Lebanon, to Armenia, this documetnary follows despite dangers and taboos, the long journey of an agony, a death, a resurrection, a life, a dream.

    . Craggy faces chiseled by teh torments of the years, voices from beyond the gravede defying the mutism of after death, pictures wormed out of official prohibitions, sketch the lines of this identity....stones....confined...disguised, brndished as a weapon...........immortal!

    . Carman Labaki & Nidal Ayoub, Beirut Lebanon 2004

  • (C2) . Bibliography, Books, Press And DVDs in Arabic On Other Armenian Subjects
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