Media and advertising companies

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  • CNN
  • Time Magazine
  • Usine nouvelle
  • International Herald Tribune

Industrial Companies

  • Benneton
  • Bosch
  • Cadbury Kent
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Invest in Turkey ?


it is as if investing in an actual Germany
which would have not recognized the nazi crimes
-crimes which would have remained moreover unpunished-

while knowing that this Germany

  • devotes a State budget to make rewrite History ;

  • has annexed the Sudet region as being historically German;

  • has conditionned its population in a State lie for decades;

  • is searching to impose its denial by an economical blackmail.
  • Doesn't this also concern an advertising campaign for occulting 1915 imprescriptible crime?

    ...thus conveying an ideology of profit at all cost uncounsciously, even at the cost of occulting a crime against Humanity : making it commonplace as it was at the time of Black Trade and Slavery ?

E-mailing information to do
enouncing this ideology of profit
at all cost - which occults 1915 genocidal crime.

  • to Human Rights associations
  • about industrial, advertising and media companies

    to the General Assemblies of stock holders,

    . to shareholder companies

    . to employers' federations

    . and to labour unions.

  • and with copies to American, Arabic, english speaking medias and to local radios.
Please, make remember the historical exemple
which called up the United-States
for more than ten years in a popular movment at the beginning,
then universitary and at the end political,
American Disinvestment from Apartheid South Africa

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