Baptême 1960 à Saint Stepanos(Cathedrale Sourp Hakop)

The young girls on the right are my cousins Lily and Vera Mnatzaganian. The handsome couple in the background are the late Vasken and Ziazan Markarian who came to Australia in the 60s. And Georgig Kaplanian is in the far corner. Ardavast Minassian (Australia)
The middle priest is late Archbishop Hayrig Aslanian. The one with the badarak dress is late father Mesrob Depoyan
and the deacon is  today Father Kegham Zakarian who serves now in USA somewhere in NY.
Hagop Antreassian.

Baptism at Der El Zeitouneh (Holy Archangles Church or Hereshtagabed, known as the church for the Kaghakatsi Armenians) in the Armenian Convent, Jerusalem. Maybe 1960 or so. Alex Minassian with godfather Berge Mnatzaganian (uncle). In the crowd Peter Kankashian (holding maybe daughter Fimi), Anna Minassian (mother), Giragos Mnatzagaian (uncle), Akabi Kaplanian and sisters Marianne, Ziyazan and Nevart Mnatzaganian from Jericho also maybe brother Minas in the background.Ardavast Minassian (Australia)

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