MPACUK on The Armenian genocide Tuesday, 24 April 2007
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  • Dear Eilian,

    I apologise for the delay in responding to you, however before MPACUK committed to making a statement on the Armenian Holocaust, I needed to ensure that I had done some research. To date, the terms that can be argued or wordsmithed are genocide, crime against humanity, ethnic cleansing and Holocaust - MPACUK will not be drawn into a debate about semantics. What happened to the Armenians was all of the above.

    I am sorry that I missed the Memorial Day. Infact I would like to clarify that statement and say ‘our’ memorial day as the horrific genocide that was inflicted on the Armenian is a crime against humanity, and as brothers in humanity, MPACUK extend the hand of condolence for your peoples' suffering. You deserve the recognition and the support of everyone including the Turkish people who have to accept that a crime was committed in their name against a vulnerable minority whose only sin was to be born Armenian in (what is now) Turkey.

    Quite correctly you have noticed that the British Government have hedged and fudged their condemnation of the first Holocaust, and prevaricated due to ‘insufficient evidence’ as a smoke screen not to offend Turkey as a powerful member of Nato. However it is not in Turkey's interest to deny its past, and neither is it in the interest of justice to put the onus of proof on the victims. Historians are prone to be political animals, however History has a compelling force of making the truth known, warts and all.

    Without ruining the tone of the email, MPACUK does not accept that this was a Muslim crime, or a crime done in the name of Islam. It was done by evil, sadistic human beings who unfortunately transcend religion, race, sexuality and even humanity.

    I hope this email is clear and unambiguous and reflects MPACUK's position on the tragic fate of so many Armenians.


    Zulfi Bukhari

    Dear Zulfi Bukhari

    We welcome the statement made by MPACUK with regards the Armenian genocide which you have e-mailed to Eileen Williams.

    As you rightly say, the Armenian genocide was done by evil, sadistic human beings which transcends religion, race, sexuality and even humanity.

    Your clear and unambiguous position is a credit to your organisation and the whole Muslim community for which we are grateful.

    Yours in Solidarity

    Misak Ohanian