Jesus healing the sick, painting by Apkar Apraham Hagopian (Jerusalem 2007)

  • My recent painting of  ' Jesus healing the sick ' which I painted after a black and white print of an etching or an engraving ( on wood ) by the famous french artist Gustave Dore' who lived in the 18 hundreds and has overr 240 engravings depicting most of the Holy Bible's famous events both of the old and new testamenrs. I chose all the colours of the painting myself, trying my best to be true to colours of clothes worn during the time of  our Lord Jesus Christ on earth.

    It took me six months, Jan. to June 2007 to finish this painting, working on it 4 to 5 hours saturday afternoons and sundays. The size of the painting is 75 cm high x 60 cm wide. I dedicated and donated this painting of  mine to our special Kaghakatzi church of the Holy Archangels (Hreshdagabedats) on friday the 23rd of November 2007, a day before the feast day of the Holy Archangels Gabriel and Michael, and it was annointed and consecrated and hung on the wall  next to the door of the church, and all present at the ceremony congratulated me saying that this painting is the pride of the kaghakatzis. The painting was so much loved by our J.A.B.U. executive committee members and the Kaghakatzis that they chose to have it as this year's calendar cover picture.    

    I second kevork Alemian  in his criticism of most of you, Where was your disapproval before when for several years our J.A.B.U. executive committee chose as calendar covers religious pictures of churches and scenes of the Holy Land and this year's calendar cover is not any different, but truly a great piece of art worthy to  have and hang in your homes.    

    I want to bring to your kind attention the fact that I wrote, on purpose, in classical armenian, in the sky of this painting of mine, the famous words spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ to his disciples: ' Believe me when I say that I am in the Fafher and the Fafher is in Me, and if not, then believe me on account of the miracles themselves', John_chapter 14 verse 11. and this painting depicts the miracles. Who in your opinion and in all the history of mankind has brought back  to life a four days'buried dead man and in the end He Himself rose from the dead? Who had the Divine power to heal all kinds of sicknesses just by the touch of his hand, or by his words or by the people's touch to his Robe? These are questions to ponder about.

    Have Faith !!! Christians of today, alas have grown weak in Faith, being always in persuit of more money and vice. GOD help us all.
  • P.S. Included in this email is the attachment of my painting with its original colurs which the calendar lacks,plus another snapshot of us some kaghakatzis with the painting inside the Holy Archangels'church; enjoy viewing them.
  • Sincerely Apkar Apraham Hagopian
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