The human losses during the Armenian genocide in two Iraqi Newspapers of February 1919
by Ara Ashjian Lecturer of Armenian History and Cause Researcher Baghdad, Iraq
Two Iraqi newspapers published in 1919 mentioned, quoting from foreign sources, that the number 1.5 million of Armenian losses (up to that date) was turned up after an investigation was conducted into this matter.

            “Al-Arab” (published in Baghdad city) and “Al-Mosul” (published in Al-Mosul city) Iraqi newspapers said (translating from Arabic): “The Petit Parisien newspaper was informed from Al-Istana (Istanbul) that an investigation was conducted into the Armenian massacres which concluded that 1.5 million people were killed and that Enver Pasha, Taalat Pasha, Jemal Pasha and General Liman Von Sanders had the greatest responsibility for these massacres, and that half of the Armenian people were killed because the massacres were organized scientifically by the Germans..”.

(The Armenian Massacres, Al-Arab newspaper, No. 472, Feb. 10, 1919, Baghdad, Iraq, p.3; External Events-The Armenian Massacres, Al-Mosul newspaper, No. 36, Feb. 24, 1919, Mosul, Iraq, p.3).

            “Al-Mosul” newspaper also said: “A telegram from Paris informed that on the base of the investigations conducted into the question of the Armenian massacres it was concluded that the Armenian people (in Turkey) lost about 1.5 million people, i.e. nearly fifty percent of the (Armenian) population..” (External Events, Al-Mosul newspaper, No. 21, Jan. 17, 1919, Mosul, Iraq, p.3).

            Furthermore, according to German Interim Ambassador to Turkey, Radowitz, 1.5 million Armenians died and 425,000 survived (A.A. Türkei 183/44, A27493, October 4, 1916 report). Besides, the German parliamentarian, Foreign Office Intelligence Director, and later Cabinet minister, Erzberger, estimated 1.5 million victims (A.A. Türkei 183/42, A13959, May 27, 1916 report). (The Key Distortions and Falsehoods in the Denial of the Armenian Genocide. A Response to the Memorandum of the Turkish Ambassador, Notes(10)
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