A Common Word
Between Us and You

  • A Common Word Between Us and You, 138 Muslim scholars, clerics and intellectuals have unanimously come together for the first time since the days of the Prophet r to declare the common ground between Christianity and Islam. Like the Open Letter, the signatories to this message come from every denomination and school of thought in Islam. Every major Islamic country or region in the world is represented in this message, which is addressed to the leaders of all the world’s churches, and indeed to all Christians everywhere.
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- Dr. Muhammad Alwani Al-Sharif

. Head of the European Academy of Islamic Culture and Sciences, Brussels, Belgium

Bosnia and Herzegovina :
- H.E. Shaykh Prof. Dr. Mustafa
. Grand Mufti and Head of Ulema of Bosnia and Herzegovina

- H.E. Prof. Dr. Rusmir Mahmutcehajic
. Professor, Sarajevo University; President of the International Forum Bosnia; Former Vice President of the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Croatia :
- H.E. Shaykh Sevki Omarbasic

Grand Mufti of Croatia

France :
- Dr. Mohamed Bechari

. President, Federal Society for Muslims in France; General Secretary of the European Islamic Conference (
EIC) ;France; Member of the International Fiqh Academy

Germany :
- H.E. Amb. Dr. Murad Hofmann

. Author and Muslim Intellectual, Germany

Italia :
- Imam Yahya Sergio Yahe Pallavicini

. Vice President of CO.RE.IS., Italy, Chairman of ISESCO Council for Education and Culture in the West, Advisor for Islamic Affairs of the Italian Minister of Interior

Kosovo :
- H.E. Shaykh Naim Trnava

. Grand Mufti of Kosovo

Russian Federatian :
- H.E. Shaykh Ravil Gainutdin

. Grand Mufti of Russia

- Prof. Dr. Said Hibatul lah Kami lev
. Director, Moscow Institute of Islamic Civilisation, Russian Federation

Slovenia :
- H.E. Shaykh Nezdad Grabus

. Grand Mufti of Slovenia

Ukraine :
- H.E. Shaykh Ahmad Muhammad Muti’i Tamim
. The Head of the Religious Administration of Ukrainian Muslims, and Mufti of Ukraine

United Kingdom :
- Prof. Dr. Aref Ali Nayed

. Former Professor at the Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies (Rome); Former Professor at International Institute for Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC, Malaysia); Senior Advisor to the Cambridge Interfaith Program at the Faculty of Divinity in Cambridge, UK

- Dr. Seyyed Reza Shah-Kazemi
. Author and Muslim Scholar, UK

- Dr. Anas Al-Shaikh-Ali
. Chair, Association of Muslim Social Scientists, UK; Chair, Forum Against Islamophobia and Racism, UK; Academic Advisor, IIIT, UK

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